If you’ve been working on the web for a while, your bookshelves may already be buckling under the weight of books about HTML and CSS. Do you really need another one? Hardboiled Web Design is different. It’s for people who want to understand why, when and how to use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies in their everyday work. Not tomorrow or next week, but today. If you’re hungry to learn about how the latest technologies and techniques will make your websites and applications more creative, flexible and adaptable, this is the book for you. Are you ready to get hardboiled?

Dan Rubin

“Button your coat and pull down your hat: Hardboiled Web Design will give you the confidence to pull the bars off your windows and build websites today using every last bit of CSS3 and HTML5.” — Dan Rubin

Veerle Pieters

“Andy Clarke goes all hard-ass and with reason! Be brave, ambitious and push graceful degradation further. Like the man himself says “To hell with being graceful!”” — Veerle Pieters

Jeffrey Zeldman

“If you’re among the restless, enlightened and daring few who embrace the future of web design, brother slash sister, has Andy got a book for you!” — Jeffrey Zeldman

Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke’s been called many things since he started designing for the web ten years ago. His ego likes words like “ambassador for CSS”, “industry prophet” and “inspiring”, but he’s most proud that Jeffrey Zeldman (the Godfather of web standards) once called him a “triple talented bastard”. Andy presents at web design conferences worldwide and he tweets as @malarkey.